Clinical Analytics Services

For the busy clinical team, the effectiveness of clinical performance solutions depends not only on what is presented, but also on what is left out. That is why newMentor has designed its clinical analytics software services to prioritize specificity over sensitivity, and to present only high-value information for physician and provider consideration at the point of care.

All of newMentor's clinical analytics services provide patient- and workflow-specific decision support, fully integrated into your EHR or HIT system. The computable content and rules in our software services can be applied to basic tools, such as patient monitoring dashboards—or to more sophisticated applications, such as clinical documentation improvement, core measure compliance surveillance, readmission reduction, and ED critical pathways.

The design of all our clinical analytics services is informed first and foremost by clinical intelligence and context. Our competencies and depth of experience enable us to integrate deep clinical knowledge, workflow expertise, and the practice of evidence-based medicine to link metrics with point-of-care decisions and actions.

Based on an analytics maturity evaluation, we customize our analytics services to be relevant to your current needs and pressing problems—and to be aligned with the information requirements of your improvement initiatives and strategic goals.

Analytics connects clinical data, clinical performance, and clinical quality.